MakeMe Technology Hosting Solution

Why having multiple service providers when your CMS creator also offers the host?


Equiped with Intel Xeon D-1520 CPUs, up to 2133MHz DDR4 ECC memory and bandwidth from 500Mb to 1000Mb per second, our machines are as fast as possible for running lowcost SSD web servers!


Based in Roubaix, France, or Beauharnois, Canada, and up 99.99% of the time, our server infrastucture is designed to handle large requests for large websites through North America and Western Europe.

Web Technology

To make your websites work, and to allow you to do what you want, our servers come with PHP 5.6, Python, Perl and even Lua and PHP 7.
But, of course, every website is different, so if you need to have a special Apache module, PHP extension or whatever like that, just ask us and we'll consider it!

Support Efficiency

Everyday, even during holidays, all tickets and mails are read, evaluated and answered.
For problems with our hosting solution or MakeMeCMS, don't hesitate to contact us. The average waiting time ranges from 48 hours to 10 minutes.

Web Hosting Plans:

Basic Plan


Advanced Plan


Pro Plan


50Gb Disk Space 100Gb Disk Space 150Gb Disk Space
512Mb RAM 1024Mb RAM 1536Mb RAM
1 MySQL Database 2 MySQL Databases 3 MySQL Databases
1 Mail Account / 5Gb Disk Space 2 Mail Accounts / 10Gb Disk Space 4 Mail Accounts / 20Gb Disk Space
1 FTP Account 2 FTP Accounts 4 FTP Accounts
1 Subdomain 2 Subdomains 5 Subdomains
PHP 5.6, Perl, Python, C, Lua PHP 5.6, PHP 7, Perl, Python, C, Lua PHP 5.6, PHP 7, Perl, Python, C, Lua
External access to databases External access to databases
Access to php.ini
Premium Support and Upgrades License*
Purchase Purchase Purchase

Servers Specs:

OS: Linux Debian 7
HTTP Servers: Nginx
Databases: MySQL5
Languages: PHP 5.6, PHP 7, Perl, Python, Lua, C (CGI)
IonCube Loader:
SSL Support: + Free Let's Encrypt Support

Backup Storage Hosts:

Hosting a website eventually comes with some problems, like piracy/hacking, causing loss of data. Such problems cannot be avoided, but data can be saved, thanks to automatic backups and large storage disks.
Whereas web servers are powered by fast SSDs, backups sleep in strong HDDs.
For us, managing backups means having 15 times 75Gb (1,125Gb) for a whole month of files and databases backups, that you will program like you want.

15x75Gb for €14.99/mo

Database Hosts:

Large website means lots of data to store, and so, many efficient databases. But whereas the web hosting plans comes with a maximum of MySQL hosts, you may need more databases, and systems that are not MySQL.
This is why you can expand your infrastructure with additional databases, from MySQL, to MongoDB and many more DBMS, on 20Gb SSDs and 1024Mb RAM servers with Intel Xeon E3-1630v3 CPUs.

1 host for €4.99/mo

*: The Premium Support and Upgrades License offered with the Pro Plan is available for free as long as your host is active.
You can see its purposes and buy 1 year licenses here.