The CMS designed to answer to all your needs.

MakeMeCMS is the new generation CMS you must have! Why?
Because it has been designed to answer to all needs of a web project! From forums to webstore, without ignoring blogs!
Whereas lots of softwares offers to do specific tasks, MakeMeCMS is continually created to achieve multiple goals in a same platform.

What MakeMeCMS is composed of:


MakeMeCMS is, before all, a forum software. Then, it has been created to be social first and to allow your users to easily communicate.
With experience, level, trophy and rating systems, your users will want to come back.


In order to allow you to sell what you want to your customers, from material to virtual products, MakeMeCMS can deploy a webstore just for you.
With or without being registered on your website, your clients will be able to purchase packages from wherever they are.

News/Actuality Manager

Bloging or announcing news are one of the most important parts of any website. This is why MakeMeCMS offers a very easy to use, news manager.
With multiple BBCode tags, your news will, as well as forum posts, be designed exactly like what you had in mind.

Pages Editor

By managing a website, you will for sure need to share content via a better, more direct, way to your users.
This is entirely possible thanks to the MakeMeCMS pages editor, allowing you to create node pages in plain text or HTML code.


MakeMeCMS comes with a default design, but this is nothing compared to all you can do with custom code.
With a simple template editor, MakeMeCMS allows you customize absolutly everything in your website.
And more than that, MakeMeCMS uses HotFusion as templating engine!

Easy Add-ons Creation

As you can see, MakeMeCMS offers a lot of features. But the main one is its extensability.
Indeed, it disposes lots of tools for creating add-ons.
And, of course, such add-ons, can do absolutly everything you can imagine, and can be created by anyone.

System Requirements: PHP 5.6, IonCube Loader, ability to open files from other websites, a MySQL database and a URL rewriting module (like mod_rewrite).

The MakeMeCMS License:

The MakeMeCMS License offers:

  • A lifetime access to the MakeMeCMS software.
  • A use of the MakeMeCMS software on one domain.
  • A free one year Premium Support and Upgrades License with the first license.

Pricing of the MakeMeCMS License vary as of your number of licenses:

First license:€99.99 (excl. tax)
Second to tenth licenses:€44.99 (excl. tax)
From the eleventh license:€29.99 (excl. tax)

Premium Support and Upgrades License:

By purchasing your first MakeMeCMS License, one free year of Premium Support and Upgrades License is offered.
This license is applicable to all your MakeMeCMS Licenses, only one Premium Support and Upgrades License is purchasable at a year.

Without With
Security Updates
CMS Upgrades
Prioritized Support
Pricing Free €24.99/yr (excl. tax)

CMS Upgrades are the different versions of the MakeMeCMS software wich are bringing new content.
The Security Updates are the patchs of the software bringing security fixes to a specified version.
For example, MakeMeCMS 1.2.3 means MakeMeCMS version 1.2 patch 3.

Branding Removal License:

The Branding Removal License allows you to remove the MakeMe Technology credentials and the MakeMeCMS logo from your website.
However, the license checking page will still be accessible by explicitly typing the URI to access it.
Also, the Branding Removal License is touched by a special clause concerning refund, you can have more information here.

Pricing of the Branding Removal License can vary as of your number of licenses:

First license:€249.99 (excl. tax)
Second to fifth licenses:€224.99 (excl. tax)
Sixth to tenth licenses:€199.99 (excl. tax)
From the eleventh license:€149.99 (excl. tax)